Tez Sherard

Professional Musician (drummer, percussionist, bass guitarist)

My Qualifications:

• Drummer, percussionist, bass guitarist, and vocalist for 20+ years
• Current first call drummer for the platinum recording artist Edwin McCain
• Honorary degree of Doctor of Music from the University of South Carolina
• Performed and/or recorded with a plethora of music greats such as Archie Bell and the Drells (funk/r&b/soul), New Orleans legend Clarence “Frogman” Henry (r&b), The Impressions(soul/r&b/gospel), The Crystals (pop/r&b), and James Brown known as the “Godfather of Soul”
• Performed and/or recorded on numerous television broadcasts both stateside and abroad
• Toured United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom,  Europe, Italy, Africa, Cuba, Philippines
• Have organized numerous events, festivals, and fundraisers in the upstate of SC
• Have operated as a broker who arranges, grooms, and inspiresbands in the upstate SC area
• Owner/Operator of Big Tez House of Drums online drum store
• Private Drum Instructor
• Endorsed and backed by Sabian Cymbal Company, Evans Drum Head, Innovative Percussions Drumsticks, Bitstraps Assessors, and Palmetto Custom Drums

Workshop Intentions:

• Drum demonstration
• Discuss the history of drums and their relevance today
• Question and answer session
• Hands on drum activities
• Teach patrons about the music business and the life of musicians



Big Tez Sherard began his musical roots in the upstate region of South Carolina. Taking the church stage at the tender age of five years old Big Tez began a lifelong commitment to “prolong good live music.”  He has dedicated almost 30 years to providing qualitymusic to his hometown area.

Tez’s early career as a drummer consisted of an eight year stint with the R&B/Soul band Still Cruzin. During his term with Still Cruzin he was afforded the opportunity to commit to playing music professionally on a full time basis while travelling both regionally and nationally. Touring with Still Cruzin allowed him the honor of performing alongside a plethora of music greats such as Archie Bell and the Drells (funk/r&b/soul), New Orleans legend Clarence “Frogman” Henry (r&b), The Impressions (soul/r&b/gospel), and The Crystals (pop/r&b). He even drummed alongside James Brown who is known as the “Godfather of Soul” while playing a remake of Browns’ hit “Livin in America” as a means to commemorate September 11. 

After his tenure with Still Cruzin came to an end, Tez was offered yet another amazing opportunity to become first call drummer for the platinum artist Edwin McCain & his soulful/rock roots band. The union was love at first site for both Big Tez and the members of EMB as they collaborated to release the 2013 Greatest Hits live album through the Sony record label. Tez then went on to become a world traveler, touring the states numerous times and spreading his love for music and infectious smile across all sevencontinents.

In recent years Big Tez has recorded with numerous nationalfigures and played annual mini tours with other national recording artist including Wanda Johnson, Rickey Godfrey, and Steve Watson, whose latest jazz soul album "Heat it Up” is filled with guest appearances from some of the most renowned artists to date, and is currently blazing on the smooth jazz charts. Tez has also joined forces with South Carolina native Mac Arnold and Plate Full of Blues and even earned an honorary degree of Doctor of Music for his efforts with the band.  

Along with touring with Edwin McCain, Tez’s current endeavors include life coaching and managing several prominent bands in the upstate area. He can be seen performing any given day or night with several bands including, but not limited to, The Jamie Wright Band, Zataban, Craig Sorrells Project, and Solution Band.He can also be found passing on his teachings to the upcoming generation through drum instruction, and managing and operating several personal businesses including Big Tez’s House of Drums, his online drum store.   

As for future goals, says Tez, "It has been a real blessing to travel the world and meet people doing something I love such as music and I plan to keep it going as long as the good Lord sees fit!"